Financial Advisor

As Financial Advisor we advise the management of companies and family offices on the financing of investments. In this respect we are part of the Corporate Finance Team.

Companies that have free funds or surplus capital must decide what to do with them. The basic decision - to invest or to distribute - is usually already set out in the corporate finance strategy, which the financial advisors have helped to influence.

In all cases, it is the task of the financial advisors to ensure an optimal structure of investment financing within the framework of the corporate finance strategy.

In particular, we take on the following task:


advising management on the development of an investment strategy


Implementation of the adopted investment strategy, if necessary in cooperation with banks and external consulting firms


Development of proposals for the investment of free funds on the capital market


Implementation, performance review and, if necessary, modification of external investments made.


Regular and ad-hoc reporting on the status of externally invested funds


Advising management on the financing of internal projects


Regular and ad-hoc reporting on the status of internal project financing / preparation of corrective proposals, if necessary